My third group project still under development.

Project Description

Dismissal was designed to give schools a more efficient, coordinated process of school dismissal. We used one school in particular as a case for our app, The Harmony School of Enrichment in Houston, TX. This particular school has a very unique problem, 1800+ students, no buses. Currently, they manage their dissmisal through a text messaging service. A more featured version of Dismissed will alleviate that issue.

We have created a database in MongoDB containing all the students, siblings, parents/guardians, and parties allowed to pickup students all linked with a family id. There will also be an administrative side to the app that allows school administrators access to the future features. Once a parent/guardian logs into the app, the GPS will then check to see when the user gets within a half mile of the pick-up zone. When they get within a half mile of the pick-up zone, a button will render to give them the option to check in for carpool pick-up. Once a parent checks in, an alert will be sent to the administrator waiting with the students. All of the students linked to family account will appear on the administrator’s screen and they can begin to line the students up for dismissal.

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